E-Steward by Abhishek Chitranshi

Abhishek Chitranshi Portrays The E-Steward Interactive Device For Restaurants

Abhishek Chitranshi, the architect of the highlighted design Interactive Device for Restaurants by Abhishek Chitranshi explains, Here's a usual situation. You take your girlfriend out for dinner. Took long to order food and wait for it. Thinking what to do besides watching faces. Here is the highly interactive option. Now, you dont have to vie for waiter's attention. Just a few clicks to order your choice food, Know the serving time, Get city updates, Play Games, while food is served. Also swipe-pay from table only. E-Steward a WLAN based system with 3 units makes service more efficient, increases customers-restaurant and customer-customer interaction, increases table-turns and enhance the overall dinning experience..

E-Steward by Abhishek Chitranshi Images:

VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=23995

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